Company Experience And Vision

With the vision of Shalom Cosmetica (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and its 10 years of accumulated experience, we have seen the gap and market share in the AEC countries, especially in Myanmar. We see that the promotion of Thai products and its consistent with consumer behavior in the AEC countries where the country's quality compared to major competitors. By expanding its business to penetrate the AEC market with the introduction of Thai products to promote Thai SME business in sustainable and stable international markets including the opportunity
and profit back to Thailand.
For Thai entrepreneurs who looking for new opportunities to build their business in neighborhood countries, Myanmar is full of opportunities to build networks as a result that we have penetrated markets in there. First, there are three major cities, such as Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay.
By the way, we will start with Yangon as the first city to be considered as a big market for Thai SMEs. It is considered a marketing town in the first place due to the fact that the economy is continuing to grow, the population is quite large and trading is very high. So our company has seen a golden opportunity and new routes in growing up and submitting for your business expansion.
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